Flipside Artists

Lia Wismann-Horther

That moment when it all clicks, comes together, pen or brush touch paper and someone creates not only something fantastic but accomplishes something they didn't think possible is the absolute best part of being a teacher. I believe the art process is meant to be fun, goofy, accessible and most importantly shared amongst each other. I'm so passionate about sharing the tips and tricks I've learned and helping everyone elevate their skills that I'm often too loudly beaming and overly enthusiastic while I instruct. It's my job when you walk in those doors to the studio to create an art sanctuary, where everyone is welcome and everyone walks away with something to be proud of.

My last name is a mouthful, Wismann-Horther, everyone knows me as Lia, or as far as my students go, Captain. I grew up in the beautiful state of Colorado and studied Art Education & Illustration at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. I spent my time in undergraduate school directing a donation run Art Lab for underserved children and volunteering at galleries, after school programs and for Scholastic art competitions. I then moved to Nashville, TN and then on to Portland, OR where I learned the incredible art and skill of custom framing. I am loving living in Ann Arbor, MI and exploring the beautiful state with my dog, Millie.

Kylie Cloutier

Kylie is a dramatic artist from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her performing arts studies at Savannah College of Art and Design focused on improv, which is one of her biggest passions. She attended high school at Ohana Institute in Inlet Beach, Florida where she later returned after college to teach drama and musical theater. Her experience at this alternative school instilled in her a great appreciation for creative and project-based learning environments.

Kylie is very happy to be back in Ann Arbor where she has the opportunity to foster a sense of play and creative expression in her community and in each class she teaches.

Rita Malone

Rita was born in Queens, New York. She received an undergraduate degree from Cornell University in Communication Arts, with a concentration in Photography and Publication Design. She earned a Masters in Organizational Media from Ithaca College and pursued private instruction with Jeanne Carbonetti, in Chester Vermont.

Rita moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2008 from Woodstock Vermont. She began exhibiting in the early 80's and has shown in Vermont, New York, Cape Cod and New Hampshire. Since her move to Michigan, she has been represented by several galleries in the state and continues to exhibit in Ann Arbor. She has enjoyed teaching children privately and most recently in a Montessori environment.

Her work appears in private collections across the country in New York, California, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, Oregon and Georgia.

Rita's work consists of abstract acrylic and ink paintings and multi -media collage. The work has often been called "spiritual", as it comes from a place that is not in concert with imitating tangible people, places or things. A quote from her teacher, Jeanne Carbonetti sums it up beautifully:

Tricia Hampo

My name is Tricia Hampo and I've been creating art since winning an art contest as a child. I went to the University of Michigan School of Art and Architecture and earned a BFA in Graphic Design, then went on the Eastern Michigan University for a teaching certificate in Art Education. I taught for a few years until I decided to stay home and raise my lovely 3 children and support my hardworking husband. While at home I fueled my creative desires by making glass bead and selling them to jewelry designers. Most recently, I have been blessed to have a new home with a large, light-filled studio where I create anything and everything (I believe I have art A.D.D. - I want to try it all!). My current passion is painting. I also have a great passion for learning (especially about art) and have taken and continue to take workshops from professional artists around the country. Thanks to the internet, I have been able to share my artwork with others around the world. I have sold over 550 prints of my artwork. I LOVE to create and I LOVE to share my passion, skills and experience with anyone who just opens their hearts and minds to the endless possibilities of creative expression. Come explore those creative possibilities with me.

"Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well." - Vincent van Gogh

Natalie Liu

I believe in playing with your food, asking all the "why's", and always feeding curiosity.

Art is just like any other skill and that's why I'm a huge advocate for continuously, cultivating creativity. I love helping everyone think through new ways to solve problem and in that, there is a special pride in something you've made, not just for the end result but also because of the effort spent to make it.

I grew up in Michigan's thumb nook, loving all the nature and reading many, many books. Since I was a kid, I've been creating, from pinecone bombs to monster plushies to wire jewelry. Continuing my journey to Maryland Institute College of Art, I focused in Book Arts and Ceramics. While working in Baltimore, MD I learned the amazing arts of Glassblowing and Jewelry-making through working with local business owners. Although I must say that my current passion is Ceramics. I'm currently living in Ann Arbor, MI and baking lots of seriously strange but delicious sweets.

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